Aubrey (lotus_tear) wrote in r_u_hottness,

*Name: Meng
*Age: 19
*Date of Birth: 12/29
*Sex: girl
*Virgin: no
*Location: Miami FL
*Sexual Preference: Sean... lol
*Music Preference: industrial, darkwave, darkfolk, instrumental, jrock, and some rock in general.
*Piercings, Tattoos: 6 on each earlobe, industrial, septum, no tats yet.
*Rate Yourself 1-10: umm... 7
*What is your opinion on Interracial Relationships? All for it dammit! *never letting sean go*
*What is your opinion on Drugs? *thumbs down* I don't like having druggie friends but it's your choice to do anything you want to your body. If we're close enough I will make an effort to explain the consiquences to you, if not we're simply going to drift away or not going to be friends at all.
*Post at least 2 or 3 pics of yourself:

That's 6. ^^
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