♥ K I T T Y♥ (sinfulangelerin) wrote in r_u_hottness,
♥ K I T T Y♥


I feel pretty oh so pretty..

*Name: Erin
*Age: 19
*Date of Birth: Jan 23
*Sex: Female
*Virgin: Yes
*Location: Miami, Fl
*Sexual Preference: I love Boys!
*Music Preference: 80's rock, Trance, Rock, a little bit of everything
*Piercings, Tattoos: my ears are peirced, Tats none yet
*Rate Yourself 1-10: Hmm...don't really know
*What is your opinion on Interracial Relationships? I think that if you really love a person it should not matter what color they are, Love is love plain and simpe
*What is your opinion on Drugs? I would not do them period, I just don't see the point in doing them but it is your choice.

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